Club Director & Mentor

Mikaela Marinis

Club Director (Knitting & STEM 2021)

Mikaela is passionate about creating and writing, STEM education, philosophy and neuroscience, and using data to help people. She graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science and Neuroscience from Connecticut College in 2021. She also has experience as a professional nonfiction writer, STEM educator, software engineer, and cognitive science researcher. 

Tapiwa Craig Kabanga

Club Mentor (Knitting & STEM 2021)

Tapiwa is an outspoken young man. He is extremely passionate about education and is planning toward pursuing a teaching qualification. Tapiwa holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science; he also has a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and African Insights from the University of Johannesburg.

A PassionNet club about the intersection of art and science!

Knitting provides people with many useful benefits such as promoting wellness and creating useful items. The main goal of this club will be to learn how to knit, with a secondary goal of learning mathematical structures through knitting. This club was inspired by Professor Sara Jensen’s college course at Connecticut College.