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The PassionNet 2021 Club Director Training has concluded. Please email us to get involved!

PassionNet Club Directors are responsible for designing and implementing the extracurricular clubs our organization offers. Club Directors typically work in pairs to manage all the planning that goes into creating the structures and curricula of individual clubs, as well as oversee the clubs’ progress as they are run over the summer. Every club is centered around a particular discipline (e.g. research, law, journalism), which serves as a lens for student participants to explore different social issues affecting their surrounding communities. 

The Club Director role is a volunteer position and has a time commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per week starting in February 2021, until the end of the program around the first week of August 2021. The Club Director will spend most of their time in the spring (February – June) developing the structure and recruiting Assistant Mentors for the club. Over the summer (July – August), the Club Director will lead presentations and discussions focused on the club’s content. They will also advise both student participants and Assistant Mentors as they work to produce final group projects, which will be presented in a symposium at the end of the summer. 

*Note: Club Director responsibilities and weekly time commitments may vary depending on the topic and structure of the club.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Interviews will be scheduled within 2 weeks of application submission.