PassionNet is a student-centered, accessible, interdisciplinary community.

Student-centered: PassionNet seeks to provide high-quality learning opportunities for middle school-aged students to discover their passions by meeting students where they are. During our summer program, our students will be able to guide their own learning experiences, and their interests and feedback will be incorporated into each PassionNet club. Most importantly, our clubs will make learning fun for students!

Accessible: PassionNet seeks to be accessible to all students by offering free and inclusive programming. Students can sign up for our clubs at no cost, and all our clubs are designed to communicate knowledge in a way that is accessible to people of different cultural, socioeconomic, and learning backgrounds. Moreover, PassionNet club directors and mentors will be available throughout the program to hear students’ questions, concerns, and ideas.

Interdisciplinary: PassionNet seeks to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary learning by offering clubs that cross multiple topics, such as the intersection of art and STEM or the relationship between technology and ethics. Our students will participate in hands-on learning experiences, and attain critical, creative, and introspective thinking skills through exposure to various disciplines.

Community: PassionNet seeks to help students build their own community of friends and mentors, particularly in a virtual environment. Students will be able to form mentor-mentee relationships with their club directors and mentors, collaborate with other students across the country during weekly community-building activities, and support their surrounding communities through their final projects.

Illustration by Storyset