PassionNet clubs are focused on interdisciplinary topics not typically covered in middle school, which allow students to explore their interests and discover their passions. Each club is led by one or two club directors and supported by a group of mentors who meet with students regularly to support them in applying their knowledge to creative projects. At the end of every club, students present the projects they worked on at our Final Symposium.

Storytelling and Mental Health

This PassionNet club equips students to think critically about the various intersections of mental health with identity and be able to effectively communicate about these issues to their peers.

New Technologies, Data, and Ethics

How are new technologies using your personal data? This PassionNet club will explore exciting topics such as how companies use AI to decode your biological data and the way social media helps law enforcement in identifying suspects.

Knitting and STEM

This PassionNet club is about the intersection of art and science! The main goal will be to learn how to knit, with a secondary goal of learning mathematical structures through knitting, inspired by Professor Sara Jensen’s college course.

Illustration by Storyset

Are you a middle school student interested in doing an independent project about a topic you’re passionate about? Let us know by filling out an interest form!